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Current Resident Information

If your property requires maintenance please see our maintenance contacts for the appropriate contact information.

Lease Information

1st Months rent due @ lease signing.

Security deposit of 1.5 times the rent plus a preparation fee of $100 per tenant due at move in.

Here is the link to the lease form. It is provided for your information and you are encouraged to read it. A copy will be provided at signing.

Application Information

No application fee to U of M students.

Oppenheimer Properties, Inc. requires the following information shown on the application form from each applicant. Please print and fill out the form and bring it with you to lease signing.

Important Documents

Visit our downloads page for access to many important documents.


The insurance carried by Oppenheimer Properties, Inc. on each house/apartment building does not cover residents' personal property in the event of flooding, wind damage, fire damage, theft, or from other events causing loss or damage. Renter's Insurance can be obtained at a nominal cost from most insurance agents. Students may find that their personal property is covered under their parents' homeowners policy.

Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Read the helpful tenant tips provided by the University of Michigan Off Campus Housing that shares tips on how to ensure you receive your full security deposit back upon move-out.


DTE [Gas & Electric]: (800) 477-4747
Ann Arbor Water Department: (734) 994-2666
Comcast Cable: (888) 266-2278
Police Department [Non-Emergency]: (734) 994-2911

Conserve Energy and Save Money

As energy costs increase, you can save money every month by conserving your energy use. Check out this helpful list of energy saving tips put together by the off-campus housing department at the University of Michigan.

Other Helpful Links

Maintenance Contacts

If your address is: Your maintenance contact is:
126 Hill
201 N. Ashley
203 Koch
208 W. Ann
208 Koch
209 N. Ashley
214 N. First
301 N. State Street
332 E. Jefferson
401 Lawrence
406 N. State
423 Cross
424 Cross
426 Hill
427 Hamilton
509 Walnut
524 Elm Street
543 S. Fourth Ave
601 Catherine
814 Sybil
816 Brookwood
1114 S. Forest
1116 S. Forest
1208 Oakland
1214 Washtenaw Ct.
1223 S. State
1325 Packard
Maintenance Done Right
Main Office: (734) 891-7004
Secondary: (734) 995-5575
117 N. Thayer
307 S. Seventh
308 E. William
318 Catherine
322 Catherine
324 John
414 Lawrence
416 Hamilton
441 S. Fifth
445 S. Fifth
506 W. William
517 East Ann
601 Mary Ct.
603 Mary Ct.
604 Mary Ct.
605 Mary Ct.
606 Mary Ct.
607 Mary Ct.
603 Catherine
607 E. Hoover
630 Oxford
707 Lawrence
815 Lawrence
816 McKinley
818 Packard
827 Brookwood
902 Packard
910 Dewey
912 Mary
914 Mary
1000 E. Ann
1008 Oakland
1019 Michigan
1106 Michigan
1113 S. Forest
1119 S. Forest
1122/1128 White
1125 S.Forest
1141 S. Forest
1201 White
1215 Packard
1562 Jones Drive
1610 Pontiac Trail
1611 S. State
1719 Jackson Ave
1803 Hill
2147 Yorktown
Arbor Maintenance
Office: (734) 995-0322
Emergency: (313) 201-9165


This site is for informational purposes only. Every effort is made for site accuracy. Call Todd or Judy at Oppenheimer Properties, Inc. to verify all information prior to leasing. Read your lease before signing.